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The absolute easy handling and the fast transfer make the use economically interesting also in daily use. Without the complication of having to put on an exoskeleton, minimal preparation times and an intense therapy schedule can be achieved with compar …

Medica Medizintechnik GmbH – Hochdorf Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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Quadriciser Robotic Therapy System

The Quadriciser is a Robotic Therapy System that gently moves all four limbs of the body to provide a variety of targeted therapies using continuous passive motion. The walking motion of the Quadriciser moves the individual’s lower and upper limbs, sim …

Quadriciser Corporation – Knoxville, TN USA

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Keeogo is a powered walking device designed to help individuals with mobility related challenges that limit their ability to participate in daily activities such as walking, climbing or descending stairs, sitting down or standing up. Keogh utilizes sen …

B-TEMIA, Inc. – Quebec, Canada

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HAL® is a robotic medical device for people who have disorders in the lower limb and people whose legs are weakening. HAL moves the wearer’s legs in accordance with the wearer’s intention, “I want to walk.” or “I want to stand up.”, and enables timely …

Cyberdyne – Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

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The PARiiT is a new paradigm in rehabilitation based on the latest research in motor control and learning. The system combines dynamic motor control and cognitive training for an engaging effective treatment session. PARiiT allows for a goal-oriented i …

LiteGait – Tempe, AZ USA

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Indego enables clinicians to conduct over ground, task specific gait training and offers people with mobility impairments a new level of independence. Designed for personal use, but currently being researched in clinics, Indego offers features that set …

Parker Hannifin – Cleveland, OH USA

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Gait Trainer GT I

The Gait Trainer GT I assists the patient in his or her recovery of gait by relieving the body of its own weight and adapting the pace to the individual ability of the patient. With this approach, not only do we want to stimulate the patient´s gait abi …

Reha-Stim Medtec GmbH & Co. – Berlin, Germany

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Designed for people with mobility impairments, REX is completely self-supporting and rapidly adjustable for each user, opening up the rehabilitative benefits to a wide range of people.  REX lifts patients from a sitting position into a robot-supported …

Rex Bionics – Auckland, New Zealand

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Ekso™ is a wearable bionic suit which enables individuals with any amount of lower extremity weakness to stand up and walk over ground with a natural, full weight bearing, reciprocal gait. Walking is achieved by the user’s weight shifts to activate sen …

Ekso Bionics – Richmond, CA USA

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The Erigo is an innovative tilt table with integrated robotic stepping functions. It provides the opportunity to begin intensive movement therapy and physiological loading of the lower limbs at an early stage after onset combined with the possibility o …

Hocoma – Volketswil, Switzerland

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Hocoma’s Lokomat is a driven gait orthosis that automates locomotion therapy on a treadmill and improves the efficiency of treadmill training. The Lokomat improves the therapy outcome by providing highly intensive, individualized training in a motivati …

Hocoma – Volketswil, Switzerland

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ReoAmbulator is an innovative high level gait training platform combined with advanced robotics, integrated body weight-support treadmill (BWST), Active Neuromuscular Facilitation Capabilities, Virtual Reality/ Multi-Tasking features and Gait Analysis/ …

Motorika – Mt. Laurel, NJ USA

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First Mover

The First Mover is a device that aims to start post-stroke motor function recovery at the earliest possible stage of the rehabilitation process; directly on the patient’s bed. It offers a revolutionary approach to early gait rehabilitation for stroke s …

Rehatechnology – 4600 Olten, Switzerland

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The G-EO System is the world’s most advanced robotic-assisted device in gait rehabilitation. It is the only device that offers the unique feature of realistically simulating climbing stairs and can be operated by one therapist only. The G-EO System flo …

Rehatechnology – 4600 Olten, Switzerland

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The battery-powered system features a light, wearable exoskeleton with motors at the hip and knee joints. The ReWalker controls movement using subtle changes in his/her center of gravity. A forward tilt of the upper body is sensed by the system, which …

ReWalk – Marlborough, MA USA

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Bionic Leg

The AlterG Bionic Leg™ provides patient initiated motor assistance during sit to stand exercises, over ground walking, and stair climbing. This wearable, robotic rehabilitation device enables neuro and ortho physical therapy patients to reach higher fu …

Alter G – Freemont, CA USA

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