Is this product right for me? How much does it cost? What are the reviews? Every individual suffering from a disability deserves the right to know the answers to these simple questions. Now they can with Neurorehabdirectory.com. Our free online directory connects patients, families and health professionals with neurological rehabilitation products.

Many individuals research online before purchasing everyday items like appliances or electronics, so why not provide this same level of scrutiny when it comes to one’s own recovery? Part of the problem is the lack of adequate web-based platforms that offer patients and families the ability to seamlessly search for products and therapies in an impartial way. Many of the online resources are either out-of-date, incomplete, or difficult to navigate.

We pride ourselves on being the largest unbiased comprehensive directory specifically designed for individuals suffering from neurological injures such as stroke, brain injury, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury. To keep product companies honest, we collect reviews from actual users so individuals can make the best decision based on real feedback. In addition to assisting patients and families with product choices, our wide-ranging directory provides health professionals with up-to-date clinical resources so they can stay current and better serve their patients.

Patients and families have suffered enough. Our mission is to soften the burden and make our comprehensive easy-to-use website stress-free when searching for life-changing resources.

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