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RestAir Hip Orthosis

Comfortable and safely treats hip adduction & scissoring. Features: Two bladders run the length of each inner thigh for a total of four, securely sewn into chambers – as they are gradually inflated with a bulb hand pumb, they increase the distance …

Restorative Medical – Brandenburg, KY USA

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SoftPro Hip-Knee Orthosis

Orthotic therapy for positioning or progressive extension stretch therapy to reverse hip adduction contractures. The SoftPro HKO has an adjustable hip abduction bar with settings in 5 degree steps from 30 degrees to 45 degrees of hip abduction. The hip …

OCSI – Pinellas Park, FL USA

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Comfy Hip-Knee Air Abductor

Separates the hips and knees gradually. Features a hip abduction adjustment range of 1/2″ to 9″. Easily expandable.    

Lenjoy Medical – Gardena, CA USA

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