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Constant Therapy

For patients recovering from stroke and TBI, or living with aphasia, dementia, and other neurological conditions. Constant Therapy helps create the shortest path between you and your brain rehabilitation goals. Whether you’re working independently, or …

Constant Therapy Health – Lexington, MA USA

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NeuronUP is a 3-in-1 tool to help the neurorehabilitation specialist save time in a clinical setting. The online library of over 10,000 activities is classified by the cognitive function or area of occupation being worked allowing the professional to e …

NeuronUP – Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

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Mitii – ‘Move It To Improve It’ – is a unique online training method and system, that has been designed to meet the latest recommendations for neurorehabilitation. These are based upon the fact that the brain constantly changes and adapts to new experi …

Mitii Development – Hørsholm, Denmark

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Treax Pads

Treax Pads is an innovative training system for many different kinds of training and movement. The system targets a variety of users and training situations, for example, rehabilitation after acquired brain injury, physical training for elderly, or dev …

Innovaid – Egå, Denmark

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SMARTfit Mini

The SMARTfit Mini is the ideal training solution for workouts that focus on concentrated cognitive and motor training. The system’s nine targets fit into a half-sized, 46-inch square training station which increases the concentration of targets into a …

SMARTfit, Inc. – Camarillo, CA USA

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Rapael Smart Peg Board

Rapael Smart Peg Board provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training as they rehabilitate. The device designed to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation training for grasp and dexterity with a cognitive and visu …

Neofect – Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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SaeboVR is a virtual ADL (activities of daily living) rehabilitation system. The proprietary platform was specifically designed to engage clients in both physical and cognitive challenges involving daily functional activities. In addition to interactin …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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Intendu’s brain training platform revolutionizes the treatment of people with brain dysfunctions, delivering an effective, accessible and affordable brain training solution. The Functional Brain trainer is a platform of adaptive, body-controlled video …

Intendu – Herzlia, Isreal

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Myro is an interactive therapy surface which can be used in a multitude of ways: the Myro sensors allow everyday life motor training with real objects on a responsive surface. Myro supports task-oriented rehabilitation with real objects, trains everyda …

Tyromotion – Graz, Austria

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Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

The Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator (NSI) is an easy-to-use rehabilitation system designed to evaluate and improve abilities in individuals with disabilities resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders as well as patients with vestibular pro …

RKB Instruments – Gold Canyon, AZ USA

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Parrot Software

Parrot Software consists of 75 different software programs for the remediation of speech, cognitive, language, attention, and memory deficits seen in individuals who have suffered aphasia from stroke or brain injury. The treatment path for individuals …

Parrot Software – West Bloomfield, MI USA

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RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of software for computerassisted cognitive rehabilitation. This practical tool assists the therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders that affect specific aspects of attention, concentrati …

Hasomed – Magdeburg, Germany

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Captain’s Log MindPower Builder

The MindPower Builder provides the flexible options, controls and ease of use you need to create a cognitive rehabilitation or cognitive enhancement program for individuals with a wide variety of different cognitive deficits, including learning, memory …

Brain Train – North Chesterfield, VA USA

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The Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) is an easy-to-use rehabilitation therapy tool designed to evaluate and improve abilities in individuals with disabilities resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders as well as improve performan …

Bioness – Valencia, CA USA

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