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The Resistance Chair

Recommended and utilized by health professionals Low-impact and smooth resistance Suitable for all fitness levels Safe and very easy to use Great for many post-op rehab uses Comes ready to use; no assembly required! Lightweight and stores easily Ideal …

VQ ActionCare – Santa Ana, CA Sweden

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SaeboVR is a virtual ADL (activities of daily living) rehabilitation system. The proprietary platform was specifically designed to engage clients in both physical and cognitive challenges involving daily functional activities. In addition to interactin …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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Quadriciser Robotic Therapy System

The Quadriciser is a Robotic Therapy System that gently moves all four limbs of the body to provide a variety of targeted therapies using continuous passive motion. The walking motion of the Quadriciser moves the individual’s lower and upper limbs, sim …

Quadriciser Corporation – Knoxville, TN USA

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Riablo Home

The biofeedback training empower the neuromuscular control, speeds up the rehab time, eases the recovery of a correct motor gesture. Everything with fun, motivation and precision using validated wearable inertial sensors.

Corehab – Trento, Italy

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MindMotion Pro

MindMotionPro is an immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) rehabilitation solution designed for hospital use. An aid to early rehabilitation, it offers repetitive task-specific training customizable to the specific needs of each patient, in a format that is b …

MindMaze – San Francisco, CA USA

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Intendu’s brain training platform revolutionizes the treatment of people with brain dysfunctions, delivering an effective, accessible and affordable brain training solution. The Functional Brain trainer is a platform of adaptive, body-controlled video …

Intendu – Herzlia, Isreal

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Mira is a software platform designed to make physiotherapy fun and convenient for patients recovering from surgery or injury. The system transforms existing physical therapy exercises into video-games, and uses an external sensor to track and assess pa …

Mira Rehab – London, United Kingdom

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RespondWell enables physical therapists to create a personalized rehab program while using the Microsoft Kinect sensor to track patient performance. The Kinect sensor watches and evaluates technique as the patient performs the therapy, granting points …

RespondWell – St. Louis, MO USA

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Vera System

The VERA Solution is a tele-rehabilitation platform that brings the guidance of a physical therapist into the home and gives clinicians tools to remotely monitor patient progress beyond the traditional in-clinic setting.

Reflexion Health – San Diego, CA Sweden

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Doctor Kinetic

Doctor Kinetic has exercises for upper limb, lower limb, core, dynamic balance, coordination and back. It can improve patients’ range of motion, strength, coordination, ADL abilities and cognition. In Doctor Kinetic, there are colorful, easy to underst …

Doctor Kinetic – Breda, Netherlands

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Love Handles Rx

Love Handles RX are patented elliptical arms that easily attach to any chair or wheelchair for upper-extremity rehabilitation and cardiovascular fitness from a seated position. Love Handles RX include adjustable resistance up to 8lbs. and a high energy …

Love Handles Rx – Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

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A range-of-motion (ROM) exerciser for finger, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Use to exercise and mobilize the entire upper extremity or to isolate specific joints.

Fabrication Enterprises Inc. – White Plains, NY USA

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Gloreha Sinfonia

Gloreha robotic glove can be applied during any phase of rehabilitation, with different goals and protocols according to the specific patient circumstances. Features: Active-assisted exercises therapy with the new censored glove. The glove senses the a …

Idrogenet – Brescia, Italy

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Five Ball Peg Activity

Designed as a higher-level activity. Ideal for improving gross motor stability and distal control of the affected upper extremity. Includes 5 pegs, 2 bases and a instructional insert.

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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Multi-Purpose Exercise Device

Advanced gross motor activity that serves a dual purpose. Focuses on improving proximal stability with emphasis on shoulder strength (ball ring tree portion). Also good for improving motor control in the forearm (pronation/supination). Two work station …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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Four Tier Ball Activity

Designed for individuals with little shoulder and elbow movement. It comes with the four tier device, 4 therapy balls and a instructional insert. Gross motor activity designed to challenge the affected arm in various planes of movement. Parts can be as …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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NeuroMove works by detecting the attempts to move a muscle group sent from the brain. These attempts are shown in the display as significant increases in the signal over regular muscle activity. The built-in microprocessor intelligently distinguishes b …

Zynex – Lone Tree, CO USA

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An innovative physical rehabilitation system based on video game technology including the Microsoft Kinect which allows the monitoring and tracking of the progress of patients from anywhere in the world.  Patients can perform complex rehabilitation pro …

Virtualware Group – Basauri, Spain

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Fast Start EMS

The Fast Start EMS features include Digital, programmable Unique pause feature Microprocessor controlled Custom or standard presets Custom touch pad interface 2 Independent channels Ergonomic case design Custom LCD with timer Adjustable pulse width, ra …

VQ OrthoCare – Irvine, CA USA

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RT 300 Arm

RT 300 Arm is a compact and portable FES (functional electrical stimulation) arm cycling system. Features: Cycle securely from your chair or wheelchair Compact size Height adjustable for ergonomic fit Wheels for portability

Restorative Therapies – Baltimore, MD USA

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