UE Ranger Helps Improve Shoulder and Arm Strength

NeuroRehab Team
Thursday, March 11th, 2021

The UE Ranger was designed to help you exercise your arm not only in the clinic during your rehab sessions, but also at home. More rehab equals more recovery, so empowering yourself with the UE Ranger at home is a game changer.

Easy to use, the UE Ranger unloads the weight of your healing arm, minimizing the effects of gravity, while simultaneously matching the fluidity of human motion. When the weight of your arm is supported and yet allowed to move the way the arm was created to move; you are working together with your sensory motor system instead of battling against its protective nature. When your nervous system instinctively trusts your gentle pain free movements, this sensitive support fosters neuromuscular based activation producing a progression of recruiting small motor units to then larger ones. This allows you to restore the weakest of the weak muscles for optimal coordination, strength, range of motion and endurance.

Of great value is the UE Ranger’s versatility along with its capacity to personalize the healing experience meeting each person at their impairment level. Easily interchangeable hand supports and bases offer exactly what you need on any given day. The telescopic tube is easily adjusted to be the perfect length you need whether you are sitting, standing or lying. This tool with its accompanying manual of exercises can support your recovery efforts in a multitude of ways that are honestly limited by your imagination only (1 tool with 101 uses).

Only a fellow survivor can intimately relate to your journey’s frustrations as well as accomplishments; so, let us share Kendra’s thoughts. She suffered a severe series of simultaneous strokes as a young wife and mother of three small children.

“Years of regular PT/OT have gotten me a range of about 90-120 degrees with my arm and shoulder. Yesterday, I “grabbed” cones off of a shelf above my head using my stroked arm! Do you hear me? Less than a month of stretching and exercises using the UE Ranger and I lifted my stroked arm above my head. I barely held tears in. For neuro rehab, which has been as slow as watching snot freeze, it blew me away to see such incredible results in my range of motion and strength in such a short time compared to the fight I have had thus far for just a few degrees! Oh, I wish I had been introduced to the UE ranger right after my strokes. I honestly can’t imagine where I would be now if I had. This is a tool that every survivor needs. It provides a stretch that I previously only got when a therapist would stretch my arm. In the world of PT equipment and all the junk we accumulate in an attempt to gain back what we had; this is one investment that will prove that you can continue to improve if you use it with commitment.” -Kendra D.

For more information on the UE Ranger call Anne anytime 712-579-1007 or email her [email protected]. You can also learn more by clicking here.

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