Treat Shoulder Subluxation Safely With New Therapy Tool

NeuroRehab Team
Monday, December 7th, 2020



Despite many different style arm slings for stroke, current shoulder positioning devices don’t address the numerous frustrations patients and therapists describe when trying to effectively treat a subluxed shoulder that is the result of a brain injury or spinal cord injury. Common reasons reported why existing shoulder subluxation products are less than favorable and aren’t worn regularly include:

  • Slings support the subluxed shoulder in standing, but not while sitting in a chair/wheelchair;
  • Slings support from above the elbow rather than below, where research states it is more effective;
  • Slings let the arm hang and there isn’t adjustability for hand edema or spasticity issues;
  • Hemiparetic arm slings typically strap the chest or opposite shoulder and cause axillary break down or skin irritations on the less affected side;
  • Complex strapping systems in some slings confuse caregivers/patients;
  • Many existing arm slings ignore the distal arm leaving the flaccid wrist and fingers unsupported; and
  • Traditional slings often cause new pain in the neck, wrist, or axillary regions from straps that are trying to support the weight of the arm.


Several slings have tried to offer proper positioning for the shoulder subluxation, but none have effectively addressed the unique problems of the entire neurological arm. Shoulder subluxations related to brain or spinal cord injuries are not the same as orthopedic subluxations and they require much more comprehensive attention due to the paralysis of the entire arm and other conditions like edema and changes in tone.


The LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace & Arm Support System (LuxArm System) consistently supports not only the shoulder, but also the impaired wrist and hand in an innovative design that is comfortable, comprehensive and therapeutic. Its flexible materials provide customized positioning for the patient’s entire arm and it is compatible with other existing treatment techniques like e-stim and taping. LuxArm can be worn while seated, standing, walking and transferring from one position to another throughout the day to provide better total arm support. The forearm piece can separate from the unit and be worn as a nighttime splint and the belt is sturdy enough to be used as a gait belt. LuxArm is a unique approach to supporting the entire hemiparetic arm in one customizable positioning device.


The LuxArm System is an arm positioning orthotic specifically designed for those who have a non-functional arm from a brain injury (i.e. stroke) or a spinal cord injury. Its 2-piece belt and forearm design doesn’t use any strapping around the neck or shoulders so it provides a more comfortable and consistent arm support system during therapy and functional activities. The LuxArm is customizable in 5 ways: shoulder subluxation size, belt size, forearm rotation, wrist flexion/extension and finger flexion/extension. The amount of elbow flexion/extension and the internal/external rotation of the shoulder also have some adjustability to accommodate changes in tone and prevent the arm from staying too static while wearing. The core materials are washable and the padding is replaceable as needed for sanitation needs. Proper arm positioning is not only important for safety and therapeutic recovery, but also for pain management. LuxArm’s unique design aims to achieve all 3 goals in one comprehensive device!


For more information on the LuxArm, you can visit the Subluxation section or email [email protected].



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