Top Ankle and Foot Stretching Products To Improve Flexibility Following Stroke

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Friday, October 25th, 2019


Stroke can cause muscle weakness and tightness along one side of the body. Muscle weakness affects how well you move your body. Without continuous movement daily, your muscles, joints and ligaments will become gradually stiff eventually leading to a contracture.


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The ankle and foot is one of the common areas affected by stroke. Often times, foot drop occurs which causes the foot not to clear and lift when walking, which could lead to a risk of falls. When suffering from foot drop, you may experience ankle stiffness over time.


To prevent or reduce stiffness or soft tissue shortening from occurring, it will be important for you to perform routine ankle and foot stretches on a routine basis. Below are examples of simple and affordable solutions to help you with your stretching routine at home.



Ankle Stretching


Stability and support for stretching lower leg. The Rocker is the ultimate tool for preventing and relieving plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, tight calves and hamstrings. Can be used while standing or sitting.

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Cando Calf and Ankle Incline Board

Safely and easily stretch ankles at increasingly steep angles using the Cando Adjustable Ankle Incline Board. The board adjusts to allow the user to perform 10°, 15°, 20°, and 30° stretches. The adjustment is easily performed by the user, simply by inserting the board into the desired back slot. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, the board is rated to support over 500 pounds. It weighs just four pounds so it can be easily transported and stored. The surface measures a generous 14 x 14 and features a non-slip grooved surface for added safety and efficiency. The slotted back can be used to hold onto as a handle for added stability and peace of mind during exercise.

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Economy Calf Stretcher


The Economy Calf Stretcher offers a 30° angle wooden foot platform that stretches the calf, hamstrings, and other hip and foot muscles. Nonskid surfaces ensure stability. 11-1/2″ W x 12-3/4″. 400-lb. weight capacity.

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Urias Air Splint - Adult Foot


Urias Air Splint consists of a double layer of washable PVC sheeting, each splint features a plastic zipper closure for easy donning, and is transparent to facilitate positioning. Apply to client’s limb, then inflate—during inflation, the soft inner layer molds exactly to the limb, providing all-over, even pressure when complete. All Urias splints are latex free.

Counter abnormal tone development—Applied following brain trauma or strokes, these splints inhibit spasticity, assist movement patterns, expedite weight bearing and reduce edema. The dynamic force of these pressure splints encourages sensory recovery by stimulating proprioceptors.

Inhibit development of contractures in neurological disorders—Where a contracture is already present, Urias Pressure Splints may be used to stretch it, gradually reducing the deformity.

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Best Foot Drop Braces Available

A Foot Drop Brace is a rigid or flexible support that offers dynamic or static assistance to the weakened foot so functional mobility and exercises can be possible.

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