Help Quahana Achieve Her Stroke Recovery Fundraising Goals

NeuroRehab Team
Friday, September 20th, 2019


“Quahana ran that way!” is the statement my mother normally heard when she went to round up my sisters and me after Sunday worship services. The Roadrunner was not just a cartoon in my house; it was my life. Laughing, smiling, painting and running was my DNA. Fast forward many years to a warm day in July when I’d just returned from a trip to London for an art conference and I collapsed on my living room floor as I was lacing up my sneakers for you guessed it; a morning run and workout. A carotid artery in my neck; a young woman who had never had a major medical issue; spontaneously dissected (i.e. tore) and subsequently a stroke resulted (with a 10% survival rate!). What followed was weeks in a rehabilitation hospital where I was treated by some of the top specialists and therapists in the country and the world. But what they all shared in common was a clinical belief that stroke recovery typically halts after three years. However, what I know to be true is that I’ve made more recovery after year three than I ever have BUT there is more recovery to be made.

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