NeuroRehab Directory Launches New Crowdfunding Platform Providing Neurological Patients Access to Life-Changing Treatment

NeuroRehab Team
Wednesday, August 21st, 2019



Fundraising Website Makes It Easy for Patients to Identify Breakthrough Treatment Solutions and Raise Funds to Improve Their Recovery.


Salia Rehab, provider of the world’s largest neurorehabilitation product directory,, today announced the launch of a game-changing crowdfunding platform that increases treatment access to thousands of patients worldwide.

FundMyTherapy, an innovative crowdfunding platform, helps patients suffering from neurological injuries, such as stroke and brain injury, identify and select therapeutic products that match their needs using advanced sorting features such as impairment, product category, price, body part and/or reviews.  Once users find appropriate products and create their wishlists, the proprietary platform enables them to build and personalize fundraising campaign pages to share with family and friends.



Creating the FundMyTherapy platform and adding it to the website closes the loop as it addresses some of the largest concerns affecting neurological patients world-wide. Limited patient education and lack of funds are two key areas of concern affecting patients and families with physical disabilities.


Patients and families often lack critical information regarding how best to treat their recovery once discharged from the hospital and on their own.  If a patient is fortunate enough to have identified treatment solutions that are appropriate for their recovery, many are unable to afford the much-needed interventions. Although the industry has seen an influx in medical innovation over the last decade, most of the treatment solutions available to patients are too expensive, not reimbursed by insurance and, therefore, not accessible.


Creating FundMyTherapy platform on the NeuroRehab Directory website is novel and unique with respect to not only identifying the latest treatment options available to neurological patients in an impartial and seamless way, but also acts as a vehicle for raising funds for meaningful treatment solutions needed to improve recovery. The proprietary search engine, sorting utility and fundraising software coupled with the comprehensive database of commercially available rehab solutions makes FundMyTherapy even more robust and a life-changing tool for millions suffering from physical disabilities.


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