Improve Results Following Stroke with These Simple Steps.

NeuroRehab Team
Monday, November 14th, 2022



Priming the Brain Works.

Better clinical outcomes following stroke are associated with interventions such as cortical priming resulting in increased excitability of the motor cortex (Catano et al).


Priming is a technique used to enhance the brain’s ability to re-balance the 2 hemispheres following a stroke. Priming interventions include invasive and non-invasive techniques and can be administered prior to or during therapy.


Looking for great cortical primers?



Try things like bilateral arm training with auditory cueing, mental practicemirror box therapy, action observation, and sensory electrical stimulation.

When possible, consider combing techniques to maximize success.


Click here for an in-depth blog article on cortical priming for stroke.


What a great (and affordable) way to maximize your priming efforts.  For neuroplasticity to occur at a larger degree, continue on and perform repetitive task-specific training.

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