Improve Balance With These 5 Affordable Therapy Products

NeuroRehab Team
Tuesday, December 10th, 2019


Decreased balance is a common area affected by stroke. Many patients are prone to falling which could lead to serious injuries. Studies have shown that stroke survivors are twice as likely to fall following a stroke and more than three times as likely as the general population to fall multiple times. About 40 percent of stroke survivors have serious falls within a year of their stroke.



To prevent or reduce falls and improve balance, it will be important for you to perform routine balance exercises. Below are examples of simple and affordable solutions to help you with your balance home exercise program.



Sensebalance mini board

The Sensbalance MiniBoard combines the interactive training software and exercise games with the well-known benefits of a conventional wobble board. This results in an innovative and very effective new product in the range of interactive balance products of Sensamove. With easy exchangeable accessories the tilting angle and exercise difficulty can be customized. This makes the Miniboard a widely applicable training and therapy tool.

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Shuttle Balance Pro is a safe unstable platform that is portable, inexpensive, and has a small footprint. It is used extensively in Vestibular, Balance, Vision, and Proprioceptive training programs. Not just for athletes, this model can also assist in providing Seniors the confidence to avoid falls. The Shuttle Balance simulates a slip through motion in all horizontal planes and perturbates in both standing and seated positions for therapeutic and sport-specific treatments (fall prevention, whiplash, contact sports). Patients are challenged across all ability levels by adjusting platform height, stability, and degree of tilt, asking them to push themselves to perform while keeping them feeling safe and secure.

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Yes4All Wobble Board

Yes4All Wooden balance board fits with all ages and fitness level. It is a great choice for ones who want to improve their core strength, stability, functionality, and sense of balance for better sport performance.

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An innovative physical rehabilitation system, VirtualRehab, based on video game technology including the Microsoft Kinect which allows the monitoring and tracking of the progress of patients from anywhere in the world.  Patients can perform complex rehabilitation programs using entertaining therapies either in a rehabilitation center as well as in their own homes.

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With Riablo, the biofeedback training empowers the neuromuscular control, speeds up the rehab time, eases the recovery of a correct motor gesture. Everything with fun, motivation and precision using validated wearable inertial sensors.


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