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Achieva Smart Mirror

Buy on Amazon Use mirror visual feedback to improve hand range of motion and function. Can be used in the clinic and home setting. The mirror can be positioned between 90 degrees and 65 degrees for individualized viewing comfort.

North Coast Medical – Gilroy, CA USA

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Mirror Box Therapy

Mirror Box Therapy works by having the patient place the affected limb inside the mirror box and their unaffected limb in front of the mirror. Seeing the reflection of the unaffected limb, the patient thus receives visual feedback from a virtual image …

Mirror Box Therapy – Stockport, United Kingdom

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NOI Mirror Box Triangle

For clinical use or as an in-home tool, the NOI Mirror Box Triangle is designed to treat pain and disability in the hands or feet. It’s used for complex regional pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, stroke and focal dystonia. It’s also helpful with very c …

OPTP – Minneapolis, MN USA

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Saebo Mirror Box

The Saebo Mirror Box is a device that hides one limb from view while providing a mirror image of the healthy limb for the patient to see.  Mirror Box Therapy uses the mirror image of the patient’s healthy limb to provide positive visual feedback to the …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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