Pay it Forward. Sometimes the best medicine is good advice.

NeuroRehab Team
Sunday, August 7th, 2016



Help patients, families, and clinicians make the best decisions based on your feedback.


Excitement is building with new web-based platform,, a free online resource dedicated to assisting stroke patients, families and health professionals with identifying appropriate stroke therapy products and programs. Traditional online medical websites are either out-of-date, difficult to navigate or sponsored by manufacturers. free web-based platform was developed to help individuals seamlessly search for total body stroke rehab treatment solutions and programs in an impartial way. In addition, the advanced search engine allows users to find products by impairment, price, product category, body region and reviews.


Many individuals research online before purchasing everyday items like appliances or electronics, so why not provide this same level of scrutiny when it comes to one’s own recovery”, stated Heidi Hoffman, NeuroRehab Directory founder. “To keep product companies honest, we collect reviews from actual users so individuals can make the best decision based on real feedback.”


Sometimes the best medicine is good advice.


Have you used a product that changed your life? How about a treatment solution that was not as beneficial as you hoped? Find products that you have used and share your honest feedback. Simply pick a product and write your review.


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