New Stroke App Recommends Evidence-Based Treatment For Arm and Hand Impairment

NeuroRehab Team
Friday, October 21st, 2016


It is true that recovering from a stroke will be an uphill battle for many, however, it is also accurate that the latest research findings regarding neuro recovery are more promising than ever before. How serious are you with embracing evidence into your practice?



Meet the VIAtherapy


VIAtherapy recommends recovery interventions for patients with upper extremity stroke rehabilitation needs. It’s an algorithmic approach that applies evidence for best practice in rehab treatment. The VIAtherapy app represents almost 5 years of work by an international panel with representation of relevant disciplines including stroke and rehabilitation researchers and clinicians from Medicine (Physiatry, and Neurology) and Physical and Occupational Therapy. The collective expertise encompassed research interests in epidemiology, motor control and knowledge translation.

The primary audience for the app is rehabilitation providers actively engaged in the rehabilitation of those with arm impairment after a stroke. The objective of the app is to promote optimal arm recovery after stroke.


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