New Hand Stimulation Device Now Available for Stroke Survivors

NeuroRehab Team
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016





A new stimulation device called the SaeboStim Micro is now available for neurological patients limited with arm and hand function. The SaeboStim Micro provides low-level sensory electrical stimulation to the arm and hand using a specialized Electro-Mesh Garment. The unique Electro-Mesh material is not only soft and comfortable to wear at rest, but also during activities. Clients suffering from impaired function, weakness and spasticity can benefit from the much-needed stimulation.

The Electro-Mesh Garments consist of a glove (hand stimulation) and arm sleeve (arm stimulation). The conductive material is made of silver treated nylon fibers blended with Dacron®. The stimulation is delivered into the Garments by a uniquely designed stimulator widely used in scientific studies.


Why use Sensory Electrical Stimulation?

  • Impaired function from a neurological injury such as stroke typically result in both sensory and motor deficits.
  • Limited use of the upper limb can lead to impaired sensory communication to the brain (touch, feel, aware of joint movement).
  • Providing low-level sensory stimulation (i.e., without producing a muscle contraction) to the hand and arm, can increase signals delivered to the brain leading to increased corticomotor excitability.
  • This form of treatment primes the cortex which may lead to improved sensory/motor recovery, function and cortical reorganization.

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About Saebo

Saebo, Inc. is a medical device company primarily engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of affordable and novel clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function in individuals suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions. With a vast network of Saebo-trained clinicians spanning six continents, Saebo has helped over 100,000 clients around the globe achieve a new level of independence.



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