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Finger/Shoulder Ladder

The Finger/Shoulder Ladder consists of: 36 smooth round corner steps Color coded every sixth step Easy to clean and sanitize Gray surface Mounts to the wall with pre-drilled mounting holes

Clinton Industries – York, PA USA

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The Xtensor reverse grip hand exerciser was designed to strengthen the muscles and tendons (extensor) in the hands and fingers that originate in the forearms and deep into the elbows to counter act the daily forceful gripping thats part of everyday lif …

Clinically Fit – N Babylon, NY USA

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Small Exercise Skate

The Small Exercise Skate consists of: Padded Dove Grey Vinyl Top Top is mounted on 4 casters for easy movement 1 Velcro® strap secure hand

Clinton Industries – York, PA USA

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Sit2Stand Trainer

The Biodex Sit2Stand™ Trainer helps the therapist guide patients through the seated to standing motions, in a safe environment. By repeating the motions, a patient builds both lower- and upper-body muscular strength and endurance, improves flexibility …

Biodex – Shirley, NY USA

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Economy Arm Skate

Used by the recovering hemiplegic clients to maintain ROM and to perform exercise using diagonal movement patterns. The device is lined with synthetic sheepskin and includes quiet ball-bearing casters.Contoured skate surface is 12″ x 6″.

Alimed – Dedham, MA USA

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The Tailwind is an arm rehabilitation exercise device that has been shown in scientific studies to improve arm function and range of motion in people with partial paralysis. Developed by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School, Tailwin …

Encore Path – Baltimore, MD USA

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    The SaeboGlide was specifically designed to exercise the affected arm. The SaeboGlide offers a way to exercise the affected arm by using the gliding sleeve. Following placement of the hand onto the gliding sleeve, the distal support will …

Saebo – Charlotte, NC USA

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Pull-Easy Shoulder Pulley (Grip Free)

Our Pull-Easy shoulder pulley system is designed for patients with limited grasping ability due to injuries sustained within the shoulder complex or central nervous system. With its grip-free hold and pillow-soft foam wrist support, Pull-Easy is the pe …

Therapeutic Dimensions – Spokane, WA USA

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